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No Deposit Bingo UK

No deposit bingo is very popular for many reasons. On this page you will find great no deposit bingo offers so you can test bingo sites for free. You also find some more information about everything from wagering requirements to news and more.

The best thing with no deposit bonuses is that you can play bingo for free and win real money.

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Free bingo – play without deposit

Something thats very popular among players is bingo games for free. That means you can play free bingo at some bingo sites and there is a few ways of doing that. Either you get a no deposit bingo bonus when you sign up for a new account, or you can find some free bingo games on the homepage. So there is a few easy ways for you to to play free bingo on many different gaming sites.

One thing to have in mind is that free bingo will not bring you any big winnings or big bonus. It should be used more for fun and of course you have the chance to win real money. To get the best value when playing bingo online its best to mix both real and free bingo.

How does no deposit bingo work?

When it comes to no deposit bingo online, you just need to understand a bit how it work. There is a few ways you can play bingo for free. First you have a no deposit bonus and then you got the free bingo games. With the bonus you get X amount of pounds to play with, usually its around £5 or £10. With this money you then can buy bingo cards and try to win. These bonus money comes with a wagering requirement, so before you can make any withdrawal you will need to wager X amount of money. So make sure to check the terms and conditions for all no deposit bingo bonuses you activate.

Then when it comes to free bingo games, there are some games that are free to enter. On these games there will be a small prize pool with real money or bonus money. So its free to enter and with that you cant lose any money, just win. The best way to find these offers is to check all the sites here on for their no deposit welcome offers. But you should also check the campaign pages to look for free bingo games that you can play.

No deposit bingo

No deposit bingo 2018

No deposit bingo in 2018 will be as great as it has ever been. What we could see already lately in 2016 and 2017 there was a lot of online gaming sites that were giving out free money for bingo players. With the competition getting tougher out there the gaming sites are stepping up when it comes to welcome offers. On this page you will find a lot of different no deposit bingo offers so you can try to play for free. There will also be a lot of different extra campaigns as well giving you no deposit bingo bonus money and free money to play with. This is what you can look forward to in 2018:

  • More bingo sites will be launched and they usually gives out no deposit bingo offers.
  • Great and better offers from all sites due to increased competition.
  • Extra campaigns for both new players and old players.
  • No deposit bingo in mobile and tablet.

So 2018 and onward will be great for all bingo players and everyone that want to play bingo online for free.

No deposit bingo on UK sites

Nowadays UK is a regulated market and gaming companies need to have a licens from UK Gambling Commission. With that its important for you as a player to choose UK bingo sites when playing bingo and also when you just want to play no deposit bingo. When playing on a site with a license you can feel 100% safe and secure. So if you would win some money from your no deposit offer, you can be sure you won’t have any bad experiences. It’s all about feeling good when playing and know the sites are 100% legit.

So make sure to check for the UGC logo on the sites you’re playing on to be sure. Here on you only find no deposit bingo on safe and secure licensed sites.

How to play bingo for free?

If you want to play bingo for free you will have to have an player account and be at least 18 years old. Then there is a few ways of doing this and I will list them below for you to see.

  1. You can take part of a no deposit bingo offer from a website. This means that you get a bonus credited to your account of X amount of £ after you are done with the registration process.
  2. Many bingo sites got their own games where player can enter for free but still be able to win some real money.
  3. You can get special campaigns from the website if you’re a member. This can be for loyal players or in other campaigns.
  4. Create a new account or use a campaign on your bingo site.
  5. Then you just start to play with your free money or no deposit bingo bonus.

Its as simple as that, so you just need to have an account and take part of free campaigns. Most common is the no deposit bingo offers that you get when signing up. This is a popular way for websites to get players to sign up to try their site. So if you have a couple of accounts you can play a lot of no deposit bingo.

No deposit bingo in mobile

On a lot of sites you can play no deposit bingo in mobile and tablet as well as on computer. That’s great for the modern world where almost everyone carries around a smartphone or two. So if you are a true bingo player you can use the mobile version at many bingo sites and gaming sites and play from all around the world. Something to remember is that far from all bingo sites have optimized their bingo for mobile usage. But soon everyone will be forced to do that to stand a chance against all the competition that’s out there.

To access the mobile version of different bingo sites you just use your mobile or tablet, and visit the site via your mobile browser. When inside you can play bingo games, play with a bingo bonus and much more.

Free bingo games

At many bingo sites there will be free bingo games that you can play. They look a bit different but most of the time you get to enter the game for free and still have the chance to win some real money. This is a nice no deposit bingo promotion from the websites. Usually these games are running on a weekly or daily basis, but sometimes you need to do something before you can enter. You find all the information about the different free bingo games on the website.

One other way of playing free bingo games would obviously be to play only with a no deposit bingo campaign. You get free bingo money when signing up at some bingo sites, play with those and you play free bingo.

No deposit bingo vs deposit bingo

There is a big difference between making a deposit or not at gaming sites. You always get a better offer and more offers onward if you make a deposit. So if you only use the no deposit bingo offers and bonuses out there, the gaming sites will not count you as a valuable player and then they will not “invest” in you. What I mean with invest is that they give you offers, special campaigns etc. For example if you are an active player its easier for you to get reload offers and campaigns. This is how it works, the gaming sites want to keep you happy and active at their site. But if you prefer not making a deposit its also fine to only play no deposit bingo.

The main difference will be that you get more offers if you also make a deposit to the site. But so far there is a lot of gaming sites that give players the option to play free bingo, so there is no need of making any deposits if you don’t want.’s no deposit tips

Here you have some tips about how to maximize the value of your no deposit bingo offers. It’s important to know how to use the bonuses and free games you can play out there. So check these pointers and I hope it will help you:

  • Try more than one no deposit bingo offer to get more chances.
  • Also take part of the deposit offer if the site has a good deposit bonus as well. Together with the no deposit offers it will be worth to try. For example; if you get £10 for free and then the site has 100% bingo bonus up to £100 and you deposit £10, you get £20 to play with. As you got £10 from the site it evens out with your £10 deposit and you also get £20 to play with. So always deposit at least £10 to get the best value.
  • Is it’s possible, play only jackpot games with your no deposit bonus or money won from it. That way you can win big if the luck is on your side.

Follow these three guidelines and you will get more out of your no deposit offers. Good luck with maximizing your value out there!


On this page you can read more about no deposit bingo and also get some free bingo offers. You can get lots of free money to play with and also take part of free bingo games on these sites. Check out the list of bingos sites and see if you find some interesting no deposit bingo offer. This page will always be updated with the latest information and the latest campaigns.

Enjoy the games,