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Bingo Bonus UK

Here I list great bingo bonus offers for players in UK, and you can view this page as your bingo lad in the bingo bonus jungle out there. I only choose great bingo sites where you can feel 100% safe and secure on. You will also find more information about bonuses for bingo online and more. So if you like to play with a bonus this is the page for you.

Below you find a list of bingo sites that provides great bonuses to start with, enjoy!

How does a bingo bonus work?

First of all there is different bonuses that you can play with. Sometimes you get a bingo bonus when deposit which gives you more money to play with. Other times it can be a no deposit bingo bonus which gives you free bonus money to play with. That means you don’t need to make a deposit to get a bonus to play with. The most common bingo bonus is the one connected to a deposit. Most of the time you find these in a welcome offers or other campaigns.

Example: If you get 100% bonus in a welcome offer and you deposit £20. Then you will get 100% extra to play with which means you then have £40 (20 deposit, 20 bonus) on your account. So now you can buy double the about of bingo cards which increases your chances to win. Something important to remember is that most bonuses will come with an wagering requirement.

Bingo bonus 2018

During 2018 we can expect a lot of more bingo bonuses from different gambling site. There will be bonuses from new and old bingo and gambling sites. You will find bingo bonus in everything from welcome offers to new and active campaigns. So what you can expect in 2018 when it comes to bingo bonus then?

  • A lot of new bingo bonus offers from different gambling sites.
  • Better bonuses due to more competition between the sites.
  • More campaigns on the sites that offers different bingo bonuses.
  • Better loyalty programs with bonuses.
  • E-mail and SMS campaigns from the CRM-teams.

There will also be some competitions that can give different bonuses if you win. So 2018 will be a great year for all bingo players out there in UK because many gambling sites are pushing hard with offers in UK nowadays.

Bingo bonus 2017

During 2017 we find that more and more gambling sites are giving out bingo bonus in their welcome offer. Some sites are upgrading or changing their bonus offers, it can be for the better or worse. Most of the time the bonus offers will get better because of the competition. There is a lot of sites offering bingo online which gives a hard competition and everyone is fighting extra hard to attract players to just their site. With competition comes investments from the gaming companies which give us players more value.

So 2017 is a good year for bingo players and there will be even more bingo bonus campaigns stepping in to 2018.

Play with a bingo bonus online

Playing with a bingo bonus can be very good if you are willing to play more than one bingo card. Sometimes players prefer to play without bonuses due to the wagering requirement. Almost every bonus will have a wagering requirement before you can withdraw the bonus funds. There are few bonuses without wagering requirement that you can get on sign up. If you haven’t played with a bingo bonus before it can be worth trying. The benefits you are getting from bingo bonuses are:

  1. Low wagering requirements compared to odds and casino bonus requirements.
  2. Gives you more bingo games to get a better chance of winning a bigger amount.
  3. More value for the money and more fun.

You mostly get a bingo bonus when making a deposit or in different campaigns. In almost every welcome offer you will also find that you get a first deposit bingo bonus or a no deposit bonus. I would at least recommend to play with a bonus as often as possible.

No deposit bingo bonus

You can play bingo for free with a no deposit bingo bonus, so you don’t always have to deposit to play with a bonus. These offers usually comes for new signups and the idea with these bonuses is to give new players the chance to try the site for free. With that you actually have a chance to win real money without any risk. Then if you like the site you can chose to make a deposit and get another bingo bonus and play more. So in the welcome offer you can sometimes find one no deposit bingo bonus and one deposit bonus.

The wagering requirements on no deposit bingo bonuses differs a bit but are mostly higher than deposit bonuses. The reason for this is simple, the website take all the risk and therefore put a higher requirement. If you want to play for free and get free bonus money you can visit the page no deposit bingo for offers.

bingo bonus tabletPlay with bingo bonus in tablet and mobile

There is a lot of players that prefer playing bingo and other games in mobile and tablet. With the technology advancing so fast that is understandable. We find billions active smartphones and tablets all around the world so its safe to say a lot of those users prefer to use their smartphone or tablet for any kind of games. If you want to play with a bingo bonus in tablet or your mobile, thats very possible. Most of the bingo sites are fully optimized with a mobile version. When you are in the mobile version of the site, you can do most of the things you can do on computer. You can make deposits and withdraws, play bingo games and activate bonus offers and more.

Not all bingo sites have this option because some are less advanced. But I know more and more websites will focus on their mobile sites in the nearest future. So hopefully we will see that all bingo sites delivers a great mobile and tablet site with great bingo bonuses.

Bingo bonus – wagering requirement

Wagering requirement on a bingo bonus differs from offer to offer. Therefore my first and most important tip to all players is to spend some minutes on checking the terms and conditions for the bingo bonus you will activate. This goes for all bonuses because its always good to know. You don’t want to end up having funds taken away from you if you miss the terms and conditions for the bonus in some way. Bingo bonuses are better in the wager requirement than for example casino bonuses. When you activate a casino bonus it can be up to 50x the bonus amount. Compare that to a bingo bonus that most of the time only have couple of times wagering.

Wagering requirement explained:

Let’s say you activate a bingo bonus that gives you 100% bonus up to £50 and you deposit £50. Then you double your money and get £100 to play with instead of £50. The bonus comes with 5x wagering requirement so it’s £50×5 which is £250 that you have to wager. So with the £100 you only need to wager £250, so you have to buy bingo cards for at least that amount until you can withdraw or play other products with the bingo bonus funds.

Bingo bonus vs casino bonus

One of the most popular products out there is casino. There is a lot casino bonuses all around the place because most of the online gaming sites are focusing on the casino product. Bingo comes a bit behind, but there are still some great bingo bonus to activate on many sites. The biggest difference between a casino bonus and a bingo bonus would be the wagering requirement and how they work. A bonus will always be a bonus no matter what and will always give you extra money to play with. But if the terms and conditions and wager requirement is too difficult as it can be on casino it will be much easier to wager a bingo bonus.

You can win much more on casino if you’re very lucky but you can also win big in bingo. If everything is set right with lots of players in the same game or you hit a bingo jackpot, you will win big. I always think you should play with a bonus, but be prepared for difficult wagering requirements on casino bonuses. When playing with a bingo bonus you have a bit better chance at least.


On this page you will find information about bingo bonuses and also find some great offers in our bingo bonus list above. I want to thank you for visiting this page and I hope that you found something interesting. This page will always be up to date with all kinds of bingo bonus offers. So visit again from time to time for more welcome offers and more bonus news, cheers.