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Bingo online is a very popular online gaming product together with casino online and sportsbetting. On this site the main focus will be bingo, and I will show you where to find a great bingo bonus or if you prefer to play no deposit bingo, this site will have it all.

Below you will find more information about bingo online and also some great bingo sites with generous welcome offers, enjoy!

Bingo Offers 2018

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bingo onlineHow to play bingo online

If you’re new to bingo online I will help you to get started with some more information. Its very easy to get started and to understand how it works. Basically what happen is that the game of bingo moved online which means you can play bingo cards with other players on an online platform. Everything also goes very smooth with todays technology. This is the only things you need to play bingo online:

  • First you need to be 18 years or older to play bingo online.
  • Then you need an players account with some gaming site that provides the bingo product.
  • When you have your account, you might need to deposit money but you can also play for free.

Then you are all set and you can start playing a wide range of bingo games. You will find everything from 75 ball bingo to 90 ball bingo with different buy in levels and different prize pools. It can be good to play games with a bingo jackpot to have a chance for the bigger money. So check out top list of bingo sites and start playing. Then if you have any more questions about your account or anything, all websites have support. You can contact them and they will help you with everything.

Bingo online 2018

During 2018 I think that we will see more bingo sites and more campaigns when it comes to bingo online. My personal opinion about the online bingo industry is that it will become more popular and might attract players from other industries such as poker, casino or betting. Then if the bingo product becomes bigger, then more non-players will start playing as well. Now bingo online is quite big and popular but I think it will increase a lot in the future.

One other great thing is that the platforms and technology will get better and better during 2018 and in the future. With that we will see better games and more games will be available in mobile version which is important. Then if websites will push more for bingo online we will also get better offers and campaigns. So its a bright future for the online bingo industry and I look forward seeing what will happen during 2018 and onward.

Play bingo online for free

There are a few websites where you can play bingo online without making any deposit, and still win money. So you can play no deposit bingo which means you get money to play with just by signing up for an account. Most of the time you need to pay real money that you have deposited to get a bingo card. But the benefit of playing bingo online can open up so you can play for free with a no deposit bonus. Its very easy to get started with this bonuses, you just have to open an account and start playing with your free money. But make sure to check the wager requirements and T&C for the bonuses you activate so you know how it works.

One other great thing with bingo online is that many bingo sites have different bingo games that are free to enter. So that means you can play bingo for free even after the welcome bonus. Most of the time there will be a fixed price pot and free to enter. The one with the most luck can then win extra cash without any risk which is great. So there are many ways to play bingo online without risk and at you will find these offers and much more.

bingo online tabletBingo online in mobile & tablet

There is an option to play bingo online in your smartphone and tablet thanks to an advanced technology. This is unfortunately not the case for all sites, I still see few websites that haven’t optimized their bingo product. So if you prefer to play bingo online in mobile version its important to choose bingo sites that delivers when it comes mobile bingo. I believe more and more sites will optimize their bingo. This is because a lot of traffic comes from mobile and tablet nowadays.

To get started in the mobile version you just need to visit the website in your mobile browser and you get automatically the mobile version of the bingo site. is 100% mobile optimized and you can take the offers on the site straight from your mobile device. You can also play most of the bingo games, make deposits and withdraws, play with bonuses and much more. So there won’t be any issues playing bingo online in mobile and tablet.

Play bingo online with bingo bonus

A recommendation straight away from me is to play bingo with bingobonuses. That gives you many extra bingo cards for free and the wagering requirements on a bingo bonus is very low compared to other bonus offers in the online gaming industry. So to optimize the play with a bonus is to play the jackpot games. You then get more chances because you can buy more bingo cards. Then you just have to pray to lady luck that you will win.

You can use a bingo bonus from every website in their welcome offer but also in other campaigns. So after you have used the welcome bonus, there will be more weekly campaigns and special offers sent to you via email. Lets say you have an account on 5 bingo sites, then make sure to check the sites for offers. You can also check your email for special campaigns directly from the websites.

Play bingo on UK sites

You can find a lot of different sites out there that offers bingo online as a product. Some of them are pure bingo sites while some are mixed and also offers online casino, poker, odds and more. Because of the regulated market in the UK now, its important to find the gambling sites that has an UK license. With that you can know that the site you’re playing at are 100% safe, secure and regulated. This is important and you should only play on UK bingo sites to keep everything fair and secure for you as a player. With that you will only find great bingo sites here that are suitable for UK players.

It will benefit you much more to play on regulated UK sites when playing bingo online. You can always check in here to find UK sites in our top list over bingo offers. But also make sure to check yourself where you’re playing so its 100% legit and fair.

online bingo loyalty programOnline bingo loyalty programs

Some online gaming sites have different loyalty programs that gives you value as an active player. Loyalty programs and VIP-programs is something that has always been around in the gambling industry to reward loyal and big players. A loyalty program for online bingo usually works like this; you get points or increase in levels every time you play or buy bingo cards. With that active players earn more points and that way can get more rewards from the loyalty program. For active players this is really important, and it can actually be the loyalty program that decide if a player stays at the site or not.

So after you’ve taken part of the welcome offer, you can still play and get bonuses and other promotions. Its very important for sites to have some kind of reward program for their players. With that we recommend players to check the sites to see if they have some loyalty or reward program. It will help you get more value in the long run.

Bingo online vs bingo live

There is a big difference between bingo online and live bingo, but still they are so similar. Its the same game but the settings are very different. For example: you can play a lot more bingo cards when playing online compared to when you play live. A main reson for this is that everything is automatic and goes a lot faster. Something you don’t really get is the real social aspect of the game when playing bingo online. But there is something called bingo chat where you can chat with other players during the game. So if you like more the social aspect of being together and play, you probably prefer bingo live. But it can also be nice to socialize via chat.

The game is the same but maybe the main difference is that you can play bingo online 24/7 from all around the world. So even if the game will lack the real social aspect of the game many are preferring online. But if you are a true bingo player I guess its nice to mix both live and online bingo. Me myself prefer to play bingo online because its very comfortable and I can play a lot of games with high jackpots. Then that i also get welcome offers and other campaigns from the bingo sites which brings better value for me.

Different bingo games online

When it comes to bingo online there is a wide range of bingo games you can play. If you have played bingo online before you know there is a lot of games available. You can choose from jackpot games, free games and different bingo games with different buy in levels. The games will be either pattern bingo, classic bingo, 90 balls bingo, 75 balls bingo and more. You can choose to play many cards at the same time and you can also play on more than one website to play more different games.

There is also possible to play different games in mobile and tablet. So if you prefer to play bingo online in mobile or tablet there is no problem and you will find a wide range of games that are optimized for mobile.

Responsible gaming for bingo online care about responsible gaming for bingo online. That also goes for all other games where you use real money to gamble. Therefore you find some guidelines below that can help you gamble responsible out there.

  • Set limits on your accounts. That way you have full control over how much you can potentially lose.
  • Never borrow money to gamble with or put yourself in any kind of debt.
  • Don’t chase losses by betting bigger and more, that can lead to bigger losses.
  • Gambling should be fun, so keep it fun and maybe play with friends to make it more fun and controlled.
  • If you have problems with gambling, sites like BeGambleAware can help out.

Also there is more pointers and guidelines you can and should follow. You can find responsible gaming links on the gambling sites and also here on This is to help you with potential gambling problems.

So just make sure to keep it fun and gamble responsible.

Bingo online 2017

During 2017 I find that there is more focus on bingo online from the online gaming companies than before. If we look back in time before all gaming sites started to focus on casino, we see that bingo was a much more popular product. Then it all shifted and everyone started to focus more on online casino. But now this year 2017 there are some focus on the bingo product again which is really nice for us players. I believe this is a start on something great, so let’s hope for more push for the bingo online product.

Few things that are showing is better and new welcome offers and new gaming sites with bingo. There is also few brands that show their brand in tv ads and other newspapers. So they start to invest more in the bingo product which is good. With more investments there will be better offers and more value for all players. I therefor believe that all players that enjoy bingo online will have more value onward. It will be interesting to follow the gaming companies and see what they have up their sleeve in the future.


This page is only about bingo online and the goal with this site is to help people to find great bingo offers, help them understand more about the bingo product and show whats new in the bingo industry. You can easily find great offers here on safe and secure bingo sites. I will make sure to update the site so it always shows up to date offers and campaigns. So if you like bingo online I hope you find something that suits you on this page. Good luck with all the bingo games and hope for great winnings!